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"The aim of education shall be to teach the youth to love their people and their culture, to honour human brotherhood, liberty and peace." - The Freedom Charter.

People's Education for People's Power

This site is an archive of documents (HTML Pages, PDF, graphic, and other files). The intention of the site is to expose the South African Department of Education's hidden agenda of privatisation.

This in the context of the recent, global campaign for privatisation and corporatisation of education, principally emanating from Britain and the USA, and promoted by parallel interests in South Africa.

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The most conspicuous corporate promoters of privatisation, but not the only ones, are Pearson, Bridge International Academies, and SPARK Schools.

The most conspicuous funders are Bill and Melinda Gates, Mark and Priscilla Zuckerberg, and Pierre and Pam Omidyar.

The privatisers are moving with great speed and megalomaniac fanaticism, wherever and whenever they can.

People's Education for People's Power is the slogan of South Africa's National Democratic Revolutionary Alliance, including SADTU, the ANC, the SACP and COSATU.

Arrangement of the Site

The format chosen is almost full screen. There is therefore no side-bar navigation. Instead, there will be an Index page, linked from the top left-had corner of each page.

Here are the initial contents of the Index page:

Summer School on Privatisation - Documents from Education InternationaI and others including material on Pearson, Bridge &c

The DBE and the Volmink Connection - In December 2015, Professor John Volmink appeared as the new public face of the DBE

EI and Kenya National Union of Teachers Statement of 26 January 2016, on Privatisation and Corporatisation, including their response to Bridge (BIA)

Bad Vibes around Pearson - Pearson's business model may be a failure in its own terms

COSATU Supports SADTU, ANC and SACP against DBE Smear Campaign - Statement issued 4 February 2016, and EWN report

Communist University Course on Education - This ten-part course opens discussion on critical pedagogical theory.

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Hundred Flowers Campaign Poster, 1956

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